dr-tim-Weselak-testimonal“I hired Amy Cox as my personal health coach. Over the past few months, I have been extremely satisfied with the results, and the health coaching has exceeded my expectations. Making the changes Amy has recommended has a made a substantial positive change in my overall health and wellness. The best part of Amy’s health coaching is her holistic approach and her ability to personalize her recommendations to my individual needs.”
Dr. Timothy C. Weselak DC, Clinic Director
West Suburban Wellness

Dawn Williams LSW, Wellness House“For the past couple of years, Amy has provided an Organic Gardening series, which our attendees have really appreciated. The workshops teach organic gardening in a very accessible way – something that people can apply whether they have a container garden in an apartment, or a have a large yard. Amy provides education and enthusiasm, and points people in the direction of living in greater harmony with our environment and the food we grow and eat.”
Dawn Williams LSW
Formerly of Wellness House


chicago brick oven testimonial“I have had the pleasure of working with Amy. Her passion for a sustainable, green lifestyle has changed our approach to working with our customers. We have been able to teach people you can cook great tasting food by going back to the basics. Amy has shown us and our clients that you can grow in your own backyard that will contribute to your overall wellness and in the end, benefit the environment.”
Brendan Cooney, VP of Sales
Chicago Brick Oven


Amy-and-Adam“Amy’s passion for fresh, healthy, garden-inspired living is as contagious and intoxicating as a field of summer lavender. She took my love of wholesome, seasonal ingredients in my cocktails to a whole new level.”
Adam R. Seger, C.C.P.,Mixologist and Advanced Sommelier, Founder
Rare Botanical Bitters


Moet Hennessy testimonial“Amy took a simple idea and elevated it to a luxury selling platform. The platform included a simple implementation process, premium presentation tools, training and a turnkey execution plan. Her passion and creativity for the project and everything she does makes working with her a pleasure.”
Rachel Moorhead, Market Director, Illinois
Moët Hennessy USA
Marv Baldwin Food Resource Bank“Amy has a heart for what is important to all of us, food! Beyond the “more production” approach we often focus on, Amy has found a way to deepen her own experiences in growing, sharing and encouraging others through her love of urban agriculture.”
Marv Baldwin, President & CEO
Food Resources Bank


Testimonial_bee-1“I have a recurring dream in which Amy and I are driving along when we spot a turtle on the road. I immediately pull over, because I realize Amy was destined to save the turtle. In a sense, we are all turtles… sometimes on the wrong path, sometimes in need of rescue and sometimes just looking for more meaning in life. That is the promise of Amy Cox. When you first meet Amy, you will immediately recognize her deep humanity and remarkable ability to bring out the best in you. She is at once engaging and intuitive, with a contagious zest for life. A thoughtful listener, a social powerhouse and dare I mention, a selfless friend are just a few of Amy’s attributes. If you’re looking for someone with the expertise to enrich your life, consider Amy.”
Richard Belding, Former Fruit & Vegetable Horticulturist
Chicago Botanic Garden